Nicole with a Frappuccino

Brewed Daily is a site about coffee, tea and all the good things associated with them. It encompasses brewing tips, reviews of coffee and tea, tips on unusual or unique coffee mugs and accessories, and news about the latest in the world of hot, caffeinated drinks. And, yes, that includes a mix of news about Starbucks and other big companies, as well as mentions of any local coffee shops visited along the way. The site is for everyone who drinks coffee (and tea!), brews it at home or buys it while out and about.

Brewed Daily is written by Nicole Weston, also the author of the blog Baking Bites, who was inspired to start the site because she drinks coffee and tea at least as often as she bakes. She is passionate about high quality coffee, not just because coffee and tea happen to go perfectly with just about all baked goods.

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