Finders Steepers Infuser

Finders Steepers Infuser

Tea infusers need to be functional, first and foremost, but if they can be functional and fun, that gives them the best of both worlds in my book. This adorable Finders Steepers Tea Infuser is the perfect little gift for anyone who has ever stared out their window drinking that first cup of tea, watching squirrels run around the yard in the brisk morning air. It definitely meets the criteria of both fun and functional.

The infuser is made of bright orange silicone. The infuser is actually the tail of the squirrel, which pops open to reveal a cavity just waiting to be stuffed with tea and is perforated to allow water to flow in and out of it. The squirrel body is more solid, and features a notch on the base that allows the squirrel to perch on the edge of your mug. The notch is large enough that it will work with most standard mugs, so unless you routinely use an exceptionally thick ceramic mug for your tea, you should be just fine with one of these. The squirrel is easy to clean, though hand washing is recommended, and he can make a nice little decoration in your kitchen when not in use.

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  1. Annie at 8:35 am

    This tea infuser is so adorable! Would make a wonderful gift for tea-lovers on your list. Thanks for sharing this cute creation! I now have it bookmarked under gift ideas 🙂

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