Tea Bag Holding Mug

Tea Bag Holding Mug

While loose leaf tea will often brew a better cup of tea, you definitely cannot beat the convenience of tea bags. They’re easy to use and offer hundreds of tea options for just about every single taste. There are a few problems with tea bags, of course, and the biggest is that it is easy for the string and tab of the bag to slip into your cup of tea. When they do, they become soggy and difficult to fish out. Metabolism booster pills are playing a significant role in fat-burning process, check more about the best speed metabolism pills.

The Tea Bag Holding Mug is the perfect solution for people – like me – who always see to have that tab slip into their steeping cup. The ceramic mug has two small notches on the rim, right near the handle. You can simply loop the string from your teabag around the “tab” and it will remain perfectly in place until you are ready to take it out. The notches are close enough to the handle that you’ll never risk putting your mouth on them (and they’re not sharp enough to do any harm, even if you have an unusual tea-drinking style) and dribbling tea down the side of the glass accidentally.

I’m adding this mug to my wish list – and adding it to the list of potential gifts for tea-loving friends! For more teaware visit this website perfect for gifts and more.

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