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Jun 22, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Latte

Strawberry Espresso Latte

I was making strawberry syrup for a dessert when I was inspired to try to combine strawberries and coffee. Generally speaking, coffee and strawberries don’t mix much. Even at coffee shops, strawberry drinks are usually coffee-free. That being said, raspberries, oranges and other fruits/fruit syrups are frequently combined with coffee with great results. Encouraged by this line of thinking, I did a little bit of experimenting and realized that strawberries and coffee do go quite well together!

I made my own strawberry syrup for this drink by combining strawberry puree and sugar. I mixed the sweetened syrup with some espresso, topped it with steamed milk and had a very grown-up version of strawberry milk to enjoy! Since I was making a big batch of this for a dessert sauce, I strained mine, but the strawberry seeds are so tiny that they won’t impact the drink if you want to skip that step. I like this drink hot, but if you add an extra tablespoon or two of syrup to your drink, it should make an nice iced version, as well.

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May 15, 2011

Chocolate Chip Mocha

Choc Chip Mocha

When it comes to making coffee drinks, I tend to recommend using good quality cocoa powder or the best chocolate that you can find. This ensures that you get the most flavorful result in your drink. It also tends to excludes certain types of chocolates – such as chocolate chips. In the past, chocolate chips were frequently made with non-chocolate ingredients, including vegetable shortening and additional emulsifiers that helped the chips stay smooth and hold their shape while in the oven. These days, more companies are using real chocolate – which is typically comprised of ingredients like cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla – to make their chocolate chips and leaving the rest of the stuff out. May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to recognize chocolate chips than by putting them in a coffee drink – and serving it with a few homemade chocolate chip cookies!

This Chocolate Chip Mocha is made with chocolate chips. I used Nestle Tollhouse Dark Chocolate Chips with good results. Simply pour very hot coffee over a generous amount of chocolate chips and stir until the chips are melted. Top of the cup with warmed or steamed milk, then finish with a dollop of whipped cream and garnish with additional chocolate chips. I used mini chocolate chips for my garnish because they hold up on top of the whipped cream better than full-sized chips – although you can always stir in any chips that fall through the whipped cream and into your drink!
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May 1, 2011

Coffee Float


Coffee Float

A root beer float is one of my favorite summertime treats. The combination of cold and sweet ice cream with fizzy, spicy root beer is a winner every time. Coffee drinks usually take on a blended form in the summer, but the “float” concept works extremely well with coffee and is right up there with the root beer version for me.

This drink starts with two scoops of good quality vanilla ice cream in a nice, big glass. The better your ice cream, the better your drink is going to be (in other words, save the lower fat stuff for another time). Fill the glass about halfway up with cold milk, then fill it up to the top with chilled black, coffee. Give everything a little stir with a straw and then enjoy. The ice cream adds all the sweetness that your coffee will need and will still keep the drink very refreshing. You don’t need to add any milk and could use all coffee if you really wanted to, but adding that milk highlights the creaminess of the ice cream wonderfully.

This could be a dessert drink, but it is something that I usually prefer to enjoy on a lazy weekend afternoon when I’m sitting outside enjoying the summer weather. I always prefer to use vanilla ice cream (it’s a classic for a float!), but chocolate actually works just as well in this type of drink.

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Apr 21, 2011

Cadbury Creme Egg Coffee

Cadbury Creme Egg Coffee

When I was a kid, my favorite thing about Easter was the candy – especially gooey and sweet Cadbury Creme Eggs. Even now I can’t resist buying a package around Easter, although I will freely admit that I can’t eat them like I used too because I find them to be a little on the sweet side. This sweetness is not a bad thing, however, as it opens the door for other culinary uses for the chocolate eggs. For instance, you can make a Cadbury Creme Egg Pie with a whole batch of them. Or, you can turn it into a handy way to sweeten your coffee.

Cadbury Creme Egg Coffee is exactly what it sounds like: coffee sweetened with a Cadbury Creme Egg. All you need to do is dissolve a whole, large egg into a hot mug of freshly brewed coffee. The egg adds a nice sweetness and a hint of chocolate without much effort at all. I prefer using the Cadbury Caramel Eggs, which add a subtler sweetness and give the coffee a caramel-latte feel. You don’t need to add milk or cream to the coffee after adding the egg, although a little bit of whipped cream makes the coffee look quite festive if you plan to serve this around Easter.

Coffee with Melted Cadbury Creme Egg

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