Sep 16, 2012

A Caffeine-Spiked Breakfast Cereal for Coffee Lovers

Cappuccino Crunch Cereal

Coffee is a breakfast staple for most of us, perking us up to get us through the morning with caffeine and, for me, with its familiar flavor. A coffee-loving food scientist from Hawaii has finally merged coffee with breakfast food and has come up with a line of coffee (and tea) flavored, caffeinated breakfast cereals. Capuccino Crunch comes in Cappuccino, Mocha, Kona Blend and Chai Spice flavors, all carefully developed over a period of about two years to ensure that the cereal delivers the flavors as promised. It’s an all natural puffed rice cereal – gluten free, low sugar and cholesterol free – that is flavored with 100% arabica coffee beans (except for the chai flavor), and the Kona flavor includes 10% real Kona coffee. A serving of cereal delivers about 25% of the caffeine found in a regular cup of coffee.

Tea lovers might also appreciate the fact that black tea and green tea are flavors in the wings, as is a decaffeinated coffee for coffee-lovers who want the flavor without the buzz. The packaging is done in coffee bags, which makes for a very attractive presentation, but means that you can only buy this cereal in very small quantities at the moment. Hopefully it’ll gain some traction with other coffee lovers and we might start getting a jump-start to the day with cereal and coffee sometime soon.

For now, the cereals are available online for anyone who wants to give them a taste.

Sep 6, 2012

Homemade Coffee Popsicles

Homemade Coffee Ice Pops

The only thing more refreshing than a big cup of iced coffee on a hot summer day is a coffee popsicle – assuming, of course, that you’re looking to have something with a little caffeine in it as your refresher! These coffee popsicles are easy to make and are probably a little bit better than the popsicles that you got from the ice cream truck as a kid, since they are made with all natural ingredients.

The mix for the popsicles is made with strong coffee, milk, sugar and a touch of vanilla. The finished popsicle is a bit like a plain coffee ice blended drink – good coffee and cream flavors, and a hint of sweetness. You can make it with brewed coffee, espresso or even instant coffee dissolved in hot water, and can alter the ratio of coffee-to-milk to suit your tastes. I also find that foods don’t taste quite as sweet when they are frozen, so I always make this mix a little bit sweeter than I would if I were drinking it hot, and recommend that you do the same for the best results.

I have a variety of popsicle molds in my collection, but you can easily make your own popsicles without a mold by following this tutorial if you don’t have any but want to try these on a hot day!

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Sep 5, 2012

A Few Coffee-Inspired T-Shirts

Coffee Tees

I was browsing the t-shirts on Threadless the other day because I am one of the judges for the amazing Threadcakes competition. They have some fantastic designs out there, and while I’ve seen some foodie ones, I haven’t noticed too many coffee-inspired creations. I did a little searching and found out that there are a few out there!

This Coffee That’s Always Late shirt got a laugh from me. I just thought the design of some of your favorite coffee-shop drinks was very cute – and I liked how the artist tried to capture the makeup of a latte (espresso, milk and foam), too.

Coffee Tees

I also liked the art of the Veni Vidi Venti tee, which shows exactly what is under that coffee sleeve. Definitely a fun shirt, and I have a feeling that this is one you’ll get some comments on when you’re in line waiting for your drink next time.

The Drink Mee tee is self-explanatory. And I think that we’ve all felt this way at least a few times.

Of course, a tee might not be enough to get you started in the morning, but it just might help you get to the coffee shop with a little more style!

Sep 1, 2012

Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain, reviewed

Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain, reviewed

I was excited to hear that Starbucks was going to bring back the Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve coffee this year. I had some last year, but this rare coffee ran out quickly… and that was also before my local Starbucks got a Clover machine. I’ve had Jamaica Blue Mountain (and JBM blends) before, and typically brew it at home, but it was nice to be able to get a cup hot from the clover and see what new flavors might be brought out.

The Starbucks JBM is a medium roast, medium bodied coffee. It has a hint of roasted peanut to it and a clear milk chocolate flavor, with some very creamy tones. There is some acidity to it, so this isn’t quite as smooth as you might think a coffee described as having a hint of “milk chocolate” to it might taste, however, and there is a hint of citrus that leaves you with a pretty clean, slightly earthy finish. This is a fun coffee and, while I will say it is not my favorite of the reserves, it has a lot of complexity to it that makes it very interesting to drink. The flavors in the coffee are slightly toned down by brewing it in a french press, instead of pulling it from the Clover (and it gets a bit mellower that way, as well). It’s also quite good iced – but only go that route if you have a clover to pull from for a very refreshing summer drink.


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