Aug 29, 2014

Coco Cafe Vanilla, reviewed

Coco Cafe Vanilla, reviewed

Coconut water has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years to the point where I see it just about everywhere. The first offerings were plain coconut water, with advertising that usually promoted how great for hydration the water was. These days, there are many more flavored options of coconut water – including coffee-flavored options, like Coco Cafe. This is a line of coconut water cafe lattes, boxed drinks that are intended to be tasty, give you a little caffeine boost and help hydrate you. I was hesitant about this combination, but I couldn’t resist giving Coco Cafe Vanilla a try to see how it tasted.

The drink is definitely refreshing and it captures the flavors of coffee, milk, vanilla and coconut water, more or less in that order. The very first sip will remind you of a canned Starbucks coffee drink, with smooth espresso and dairy flavors, combined with a nice hint of sweetness. The vanilla is a little bit more subtle, though it is present, and there is a lingering hint of coconut water flavor. It’s definitely a unique drink, and I’d have to say that it’s a pretty good one, especially if you’re a fan of coconut water in the first place. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it, but I ended up drinking one quickly and wanting another! It contains as much caffeine as one shot of espresso (120mg), which is enough to perk you up in the morning if you want to sip one of these on your commute or down one after a workout at the gym. I think that a regular iced latte would bet a better choice if you’re looking for a drink to savor and sip slowly, but the Coco Cafe is so refreshing that it is a great option when you are on the to.

Aug 28, 2014

Is a Pumpkin Spice Latte Dangerous?

A List of Un-Truths about the Pumpkin Spice Latte

An image has been circulating around social media, blogs and even some more traditional news outlets that presents a very alarmist picture of Starbucks’ popular fall drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. While most people are going to read through the captions on the image and realize that these claims don’t seem quite right, that didn’t stop thousands from simply sharing it and perpetuating the alarm. I can’t tell you how many times it popped up in my social media news feeds with comments like “Something to look out for!” and “Watch out!” The image comes from a woman who runs a blog called Food Babe, which is well know for fictionalizing claims and counting on the chemical illiteracy of her audience – not to mention the fact that many readers won’t get past the click-bait headline, let alone try to understand, the claims she is making – to build traffic and alarm over things that should not be that alarming.

The short answer is no, the pumpkin spice latte is not dangerous. It’s a sweet treat that isn’t going to kill you from a “toxic” dose of sugar or an FDA-approved food coloring. Snopes has a detailed breakdown of the bullet points in the graph that should quash any doubts that the PSL is anything but a seasonal treat that you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying when it is in stores.

Aug 22, 2014

McDonalds to Sell Packaged Coffee at Grocery Stores

McDonalds to Sell Packaged Coffee at Grocery Stores

McDonalds is a popular morning spot for grabbing a quick cup of coffee when you’re on the go. Ever since they upgraded their coffee options a few years ago, the fast food chain has developed a loyal fan base for its java. It’s easy to hit the drive through on your way to work, but it isn’t as convenient on your days off. Fortunately for McCafe fans, Mcdonalds will roll out packaged coffee to grocery stores nationwide sometime next year. The offerings will include Premium Roast – their “house” blend – along with Premium Roast Decaf and a whole host of other flavors that aren’t offered at actual McCafe locations, such as Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Colombian, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. They will also be brewing up single-serving pods for Keurig brewers in their most popular flavors.

McCafe coffee has been sold in Canada since late 2012 and test US stores since the beginning of this year, so fans should keep an eye out for these in their local retailers over the next few months.

Aug 18, 2014

Mason Jar Coffee Mug

Mason Jar Coffee Mug

Mason jars have been growing in popularity over the past few years to the point where there are almost ubiquitous. I’ve had everything from cake to cocktails in mason jars, but I have never had coffee in a mason jar before. Mason jars are great for containing many things, but their metal lids and lack of a handle that will put your hand at a safe distance from a hot liquid make them less-than-ideal for carrying hot coffee. That said, times – and mugs – are changing and now we can all enjoy our coffee and other hot beverages in a Mason Jar Coffee Mug! The glass mug has a handle that makes it safe to use, no matter how extra-hot your like your lattes, and easy to carry around. It holds 14-ounces of liquid. It has a two-part glass and plastic lid that can be screwed on to the top for easy sipping, and the entire thing is dishwasher safe. You can, of course, use this mug for cold beverages, as well as hot drinks, but you probably already have a few regular mason jars laying around and might want to reserve this one for just the hot ones.


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