May 15, 2013

Brewed Daily on with Tips for Upgrading Your Office Coffee

Office Coffee

Brewed Daily was featured on as part of a piece titled 9 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Coffee!. Offices are not known for having great coffee, and although the bar is higher than it was a decade ago, a coffee break usually involves a trip across the street to a local Starbucks or enduring some pretty rough brew. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can upgrade your office coffee without a lot of special ingredients. My favorite has got to be Nutella Coffee (with Nutella Whipped Cream, if you can swing it!), but I contributed some tips for easily infusing some spice into your coffee for the article.

One last tip: If you’re in charge of brewing the coffee in your office, you can add spices directly to your ground coffee before brewing and the coffee will have the aroma of those spices – cinnamon and nutmeg are great choices – when it is brewed.

May 13, 2013

Starbucks Reserve Tanzania Southern Highlands, reviewed

Tanzania Southern Highlands

Starbucks Reserve’s Tanzania Southern Highlands is one of my current favorite reserve coffees at the moment. On paper, it looks like it would be a solid medium roast coffee that has some typical flavors that you might expect to find in African coffees – and this is true, but the coffee far exceeded any flavor expectations I had before I tried it. The coffee has a bold, tangy berry flavor that makes me think of summer and fruit desserts. It does have a chocolaty smoothness to it, but I would say that it is pretty refreshing even when it is served hot.┬áThis coffee is also a certified Fair Trade coffee.

I’ve mostly been drinking this coffee hot, but since the weather has really been heating up in Southern California lately I have been opting for iced coffee more than usual. And this coffee is great over ice, and I would say that the citrus notes come out even more strongly when it is brewed strong and served cold. I was pretty surprised at how intense the flavors were on my first sip! The coffee did mellow out a little and get even smoother as it sat for a few minutes, and ended up being an excellent iced coffee choice for a hot day.




May 12, 2013

Link Mugs

Link Mugs

When you are serving coffee to a crowd, how do you handle serving? The easy part is filling up a carafe with coffee – but carrying all those cups can be a pain. One option is to carry them one at a time. Another is to grab multiple mugs by their handles and simply hope that you don’t trip on the way to the table. You could carry them on a large tray but that can be a risky endeavor unless you have table waiting experience (I’ve seen it go wrong and it is a big mess). One potential solution is to get a set of Link Mugs for serving a crowd. The large, earthenware mugs link together and can be carried easily and steadily in a single line. Each mug has a cross on one side a recess on the other that allows them to be linked together for easy carrying and easy serving. The mugs are sold in a set of three, and they just might make a great gift for friends who love to entertain as much as they love coffee.

May 9, 2013

Chefs taste test Astronaut Coffee

Astronaut Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on earth – and it is popular in space, too. Unfortunately, the astronauts have been drinking coffee of questionable quality for the past few decades, since the brewing processes that we use down here don’t work quite the same way up there. The Space Food Systems Lab at the Johnson Space Center in Houston has been doing a little R&D to see if they could come up with some better quality coffee to offer future astronauts. They came up with a few options – Kona Coffee With Cream and Kona Coffee With Cream and Sugar, packed in Capri Sun-style pouchs with built-in straws – and called in a few well known chefs to give them a taste test. David Chang of Momofuku and Traci Des Jardins of Jardiniere both sipped as though they were aboard the space station – and gave fairly good reviews to the new coffee.

I would bet that it tastes better than freeze dried astronaut ice cream, and I could see a fan market for this starting down here. After all, with space tourism in the future, the market for space-appropriate coffee might actually see some growth in the future!


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