May 28, 2013

German Cafe Charges For Time, Not Coffee

slow time cafe

When you go into a coffee shop, typically you buy your drink and then take a seat to relax and enjoy it. You might take out your computer, iPad or other device to do a little bit of work while you’re there, too, if the cafe has wifi. This pattern is the the same at just about every coffee shop there is, no matter where you are. Unless you happen to be at Slow Times, a café in Wiesbaden, Germany, where they charge you for the time spent in the cafe instead of for the coffee.

Founder Daria Volkova feels that this is a better way to monetize the cafe instead of charging for coffee, since the time inside is really what people are after most of the time. It’s not too expensive, either. It costs €2.00 (about $2.50) to enter and that covers the first 30 minutes of your visit. After that, you are charged €0.05 (about $.06) per minute for the rest of your stay. They don’t have a full, elaborate coffee bar pumping out Frappuccinos, but they do serve coffee and that coffee is completely free while you’re there. There is also WiFi that you can use while you do your work.

The concept sounds like it would make this a great place to get some work done and it’s an interesting option for cafe owners who feel like people are monopolizing their tables without buying enough (or any drinks at all, as I’ve seen at Starbucks a time or two). You don’t get all the coffee options, of course, but still a very interesting concept. They’re on Facebook for more information

May 22, 2013

Homemade Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

Homemade Cookie Crumble Frapp

The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is a summertime offering from Starbucks that is a favorite with chocolate-loving customers. It’s mocha with a hint of cookies n’ cream – and that is a great combination in just about any form that it comes in. A regular frappuccino might be good when you want to indulge on the go, but it is pretty easy to whip up an at-home version that can hold its own when it comes to flavor.

My Homemade Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is made with equal parts strong coffee and milk, cocoa powder, sugar and crushed chocolate wafer cookies. Oreos work just as well as plain chocolate wafer cookies, so use those if you have some on hand instead of hunting through the market to find the plain wafers. I prefer to use cocoa powder and sugar, but if you have some chocolate sauce that will also work well. All of the ingredients are blended until smooth then, like the drink that inspired it, it is topped with whipped cream and cookie crumbles.

The Starbucks version of this frappuccino is topped of with chocolate whipped cream. You can easily make a quick chocolate whipped cream by folding some chocolate sauce into some whipped cream. I happen to like vanilla whipped cream as a contrast to the mocha frappuccino and the chocolaty crumbles on top, so that is what I went with here.
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May 17, 2013

CoffeeMate launches Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Creamers

Girl Scout Creamers

Girl Scout Cookies are a beloved treat that most of us look forward to every year, when Girl Scouts across the country start selling them outside malls and grocery stores. Part of the reason that the cookies are so appealing is that you can’t get them any other time of year, which only seems to make people want them more. If you can’t wait until the next cookie season to get your Girl Scout cookie fix, you might want to pick up a bottle of Coffee-mate’s just-launched Thin Mints® and Caramel & Coconut coffee creamers. One is based on the Girl Scouts’ best selling Thin Mints, while the other is based on the popular Samoas cookies. The creamer should be available at Target, and as it rolls out to more retailers, you should be able to pick up bottles at other grocery stores in your neighborhood.

May 16, 2013

Starbucks K-Cup + Gift Card Giveaway! (closed)

K-Cup and Gift Card

One of the most popular ways to make coffee these days is with a Keurig machine. They’re quick and easy, whether you’re at home or at the office, and if you start with good quality coffee then you don’t have to worry about doctoring up your morning coffee to make it taste better. The Starbucks K-cups are always high quality and deliver almost the exact same flavor that you would get if you got a cup of drip coffee from a Starbucks store. I’m happy to announce that I’m giving away a pack of Starbucks Pike Place K-Cups and a $25 Starbucks Card to one lucky reader! This gift pack will let you get some great use out of your Keurig machine and sample some of the new summer drinks (or stock up on more K-cups) at Starbucks.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and tell me how you take your coffee. I take mine black, but I won’t hold it against you if you like yours with cream or blended up with ice because the winner will be selected at random from the entries. To get an extra entry, “like” Brewed Daily on Facebook and leave a comment on the contest post there, too! This contest ends Sunday, May 19th at Midnight, so get your entries in before then. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail in the contact form (this information will not be made public) because that is how I will contact the winner!

Update: This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to Lisa on winning the gift set!!


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