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May 31, 2014

What’s The Most Expensive Coffee Drink You Ever Ordered?

Giant Starbucks

This week, a man ordered a custom drink from Starbucks that rang in at $54 dollars an an effort to break the record for the most expensive drink ever ordered at Starbucks. The drink was built in a custom cup with all kinds of extra shots and syrups and may or may not have been delicious, since most stories focused on the price of the drink and not the flavor. It was an expensive drink to ring up – but the customer didn’t actually pay for it, since he used his “buy-12-get-one-fee” Starbucks Gold Card perk to buy it.

When you’re not trying to break a record, there are some “normal” drinks that can really break the bank at coffee shops – including, but not limited to, Starbucks – because they include more than a few extras. A large ice blended coffee drink with soy milk, an extra shot and extra chocolate/caramel syrup can easily be over $6. There are local shops in LA where you would pay over $8 for a well-dressed large iced coffee drink. And if you simply order premium brewed coffee – pour-over Kona or Aged Sumatra, for instance – you can potentially see these numbers without any add-ins at all. I’ll admit that I’ll pay over $5 a cup for quality Clover-brewed (or pour-over/siphon) coffee on a pretty regular basis, even though I know those cups can really add up.

How much have you paid for a delicious, customer coffee drink?

May 9, 2014

Study Shows Coffee May Improve Your Eyesight

Coffee is full of antioxidants. Like other foods full of antioxidants, it sometimes takes scientists a while to determine what, exactly, the benefits of those antioxidants are. A recent study about coffee revealed that some of the antioxidants in coffee may be very good for your eyesight. The study, published recently in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and conducted by researchers at Cornell University, showed that chlorogenic acid, a strong antioxidant in coffee, prevented retinal deterioration in mice. Retinal deterioration is something that can be caused by glaucoma, diabetes and just by aging and is something that affects many people as they go through life, leading to partial or complete blindness. This study is great news for coffee lovers, as they are most likely helping to protect their eyesight by enjoying that daily cup of coffee every morning.

The antioxidant has also been linked to other health benefits, such as weight loss and reduction of blood pressure, so there are a few other potential health benefits in addition to helping to improve and protect your eyesight.

Apr 28, 2014

What does your coffee say about your personality?

What's Your Coffee Personality?

Your coffee drink of choice definitely says something about your personality – and you probably even have made judgments about other people based on what they’re ordering in line at Starbucks or other coffee shops. Adding an extra half shot, soy milk, a particular temperature and one third of a Splenda in your latte? That person sounds high maintenance. Indulging in a gigantic frappuccino with extra caramel, extra fudge and whipped cream for breakfast? That person sounds like they know what he likes and isn’t afraid to go for it. Black coffee with two add shots? That person is serious about caffeine.

I Love Coffee put together a neat infographic that shows what your coffee drink of choice says about your personality. There is some room for error, of course (especially since not all the modifiers are accounted for!), but it’s probably more accurate than the horoscope that runs in your daily newspaper. Click through to read the full infographic and see if your coffee profile is accurate.
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Apr 21, 2014

White Castle Launches K-Cups

White Castle K-Cups

There are no White Castles in my neighborhood – in fact, there aren’t any on my whole coast – but I am well aware that the fast food chain has some extremely loyal fans out there and the chain tries to do everything they can to satisfy their White Castle cravings. White Castle is known for their burgers, but one of the four original items on the menu when the first White Castle opened was coffee, and they have a loyal following for that among WC fans, as well. White Castle has been selling their ground coffee for a while now, but they just rolled out their own signature White Castle K-Cups so that fans can easily brew their own restaurant blend without having to leave the comfort of their own home – and with very little effort or cleanup. The only difference between using these and hitting the drive through is that you won’t have the opportunity to add burgers or other snacks to your order to go with your coffe.

The cups are being sold online and should also be available in grocery stores in areas where you’ll find White Castle locations.


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