Starbucks to Put Iced Coffee on Tap

Iced coffee is more popular than ever – and not just because we are heading into summer at the moment. Many coffee shops, including Starbucks, have been seeing a lot of success with cold brew coffee, but it is time consuming to make and there are times when shops run out of their supply when demand is high. Starbucks recently announced that they will be adding ice coffee on tap. The coffee will be a nitrogen-infused cold brew and it will be served through a tap, just like beer. If you’ve ever had Guinness, either on draft or in a can, you know that the chocolaty stout has a uniquely creamy and rich flavor. It is also infused with nitrogen gas. Like Guinness, the nitrogen cold brew coffee will be creamier tasting than regular cold brews and it will have a frothy “head” on it when it is dispensed. The taps will be roll out to around 500 stores, mostly on the West Coast, this summer for a trial run.