Keurig Tazo Chai Classic Latte, reviewed

Keurig Tazo Chai Classic Latte, reviewed

You probably use your Keurig to make coffee more often than you use it to make tea, though there are a lot of K-cup tea options out there to choose from. While I do brew hot water from mine into a mug with loose leaf or bagged tea, I don’t often use prepackaged tea with my Keurig. That being said, I immediately liked the idea of this Tazo Chai Classic Latte from Starbucks, which enables you to easily make not just tea, but a ready-to-drink tea latte. The package is really a kit, which includes chai tea-filled K-cups and a powdered mix containing sugar and dry milk. You add the powder to your mug, brew the tea and stir. It couldn’t be any easier – and the drink won’t get cooled down because you’ve poured cold milk into it (which happens to me often).

The latte is very tasty, with a nice blend of sweetness and spice and just the right creaminess from the milk. I felt that the team brewed out at just the right concentration to stand up to the milk and sugar. The kit doesn’t foam up, like some other K-cup lattes that I’ve tried, but it still mixes up easily. I will definitely keep this in my cupboard for drizzly mornings when I want a very warming drink to start my day – and I suspect that I’ll come back to it in the afternoons for a pick-me-up, as well.

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