Honey Vanilla Latte

Honey Vanilla Latte
I use honey in tea drinks more often in coffee drinks, but after having the honey latte at Starbucks a few times in the past couple of weeks, I decided it was worth experimenting with at home some more. Honey has a wonderfully subtle flavor to it and has lovely floral and vegetal notes that are often complimented by the flavors of tea. In a coffee drink, some of those subtlties are lost, but the honey still brings its unique sweetness to the finished drink.

This Honey Vanilla Latte is flavored with both honey and some vanilla simple syrup. I found that adding a touch of extra sweetness in the form of simple syrup helped to highlight the honey and allowed me to sweeten the drink a bit more effectively than I could with honey alone. The latte is creamy and the sweetness of the honey is fantastic with the natural sweetness of the milk. While the drink is on the sweeter side, it’s not overwhelming and you can still taste the natural sweetness of the steamed milk alongside the honey.

As we head into spring, this is one of my favorite seasonal lattes. It’s just sweet enough, with a hint of that floral flavor (especially if you use a good clover honey) that makes honey so wonderful in the first place, and really evokes the changing of the seasons. Plus, it’s delicious. I topped mine with whipped cream and a drizzle of honey, but free free to stick with steamed milk, if you prefer.

Honey Vanilla Latte
1 1/2 tbsp honey
2-3 tsp vanilla simple syrup (or simple syrup)
2-oz espresso
8-oz steamed milk

or 6-oz strong coffee
6-oz steamed milk

Combine honey, vanilla syrup and espresso in a mug. Whisk to combine. Top with steamed milk and serve. Whipped cream toppign is optional. If using coffee, simply substitute coffee for espresso and follow the remaining instructions.

Serves 1.