Real Simple Road Tests Black Teas

Real Simple Road Tests Black Teas: Harney & Sons Irish Breakfast Tea (category winner)

There are tons of black teas out there to choose from and, for someone who grew up primarily drinking Lipton (no joke), the options can be overwhelming when you are looking for a good all-around black tea to keep on hand in your kitchen. In a recent issue (Feb 2016), Real Simple magazine road tested over 140 different black teas to pick out some staples that should hit the spot.

  • Best Flavored: Republic f Tea Cinnamon Plum Black Tea
  • Best Decaf: Mighty Leaf Decaf Breakfast Tea
  • Best Irish Breakfast: Harney & Sons Premium Irish Breakfast Tea
  • Best English Breakfast: Twinings English Breakfast
  • Best Chai: Smith Teamaker Masala Chai
  • Best Earl Grey: Celestial Organics Earl Grey

All of these teas are available at most grocery stores and most (with the exception of the Chai) are available for less than $10 per package. While I haven’t had all of these myself, I definitely am a fan of Twinings English Breakfast and Hareny & Sons Irish Breakfast, which are regulars in my own kitchen.