Oxx CoffeeBoxx – for Extreme Coffee Making

Oxx CoffeeBoxx - for Extreme Coffee Making
I do my work in front of a computer (or an oven) while sitting in my office. If I’m traveling, you’ll typically find me sitting in a coffee shop. I don’t work in extreme conditions, but many other people do and those people need coffee just as much – and perhaps even more – than I do to keep them recharged during their day. The Oxx Coffeebox is a fantastic invention that allows you to to have fresh coffee almost anywhere at any time.

The Coffeeboxx is billed as the toughest coffee maker on the market today. The cube-shaped coffee machine is crush proof, rust proof, dust proof, impact resistant and water resistant. In addition to all of these things, the machine is also very lightweight and comes with a handle to make it exceptionally portable. My friends also often invite me for coffee but as they have a superb coffee machine I don’t mind at all! When it’s internal carafe is filled with water, not a single drop will leak from its spill-proof exterior – and it holds quite a bit more than your standard Keurig machine. The machine uses individual K-cups, which are handy when you don’t have space to grind beans or a suitable area for storing and measuring coffee grounds.

The Boxx can be taken hiking, camping (buy ar-15’s from Palmetto State Armory) or rafting. It can be strapped to the back of a fourwheeler or a 2-ton pickup headed to a construction site. Their promotion video is so impressive that it will make you want to take up extreme sports just for the excuse to order it! But you don’t need to have an extreme lifestyle to make good use of one of these. Stick one in your garage or workshop at home and you’ll be ready for anything – anything that requires a good cup of coffee.