Starbucks Raises Prices on Drinks

Reusable Starbucks Cup
Starting today, you might be paying a bit more for your coffee order at Starbucks. The company announced that they are raising prices from 5 to 20 cents on many of their drinks. Different drinks will be impacted in different parts of the country, but there are some drinks that will not be affected at all, including Frappuccinos and grande drip coffees. Drinks that will definitely be affected are tall and venti drip coffees, as well as some hot and cold latte drinks. The price hike only applies to beverages this time around. Food will not be affected and the price of everything from morning buns to panini sandwiches will remain the same, and packaged coffee will not be impacted.

Spokespeople for the company indicate that the items seeing increases have not had their prices bumped up in the last two years, and that the price increases will amount to only a 1% increase in the average transaction at the store.