Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee & Protein Vanilla Bean, reviewed

Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee & Protein Vanilla Bean

Protein drinks are a great idea when they are done well, delivering a healthy boost of extra protein to recharge you after a workout or get you through a long, tiring day. Protein drinks tend to be a little bit hit-and-miss when it comes to flavor and consistency, since some brands put the protein content over those other characteristics. As I am a consumer who puts flavor over most other factors, I was very pleasantly surprised when I popped open a can of the new Vanilla Bean Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee & Protein drink and tasted it: it was very good. The drink was creamy enough to remind me of a bottled Frappuccino, but with a more prominent coffee note and a milder sweetness. The protein used in this drink is milk protein and doesn’t detract at all from the vanilla flavor of the beverage, nor does it give the drink a chalky aftertaste (a common protein drink problem). It is tasty enough to drink even if you’re not looking for a protein boost – and that says a lot about it.

Compared to other protein drinks, this one offers a very competitive protein content that they achieved with antibody protein sequencing, which means it also has more health benefits than most other drinks. The canned Doubleshot delivers 20 grams of protein, which puts it on par with many other premade protein drinks. By contrast, a tall latte made with 2% milk only serves up half that amount. That 20 grams of protein is delivered in one can of Doubleshot, which also happens to be one single serving. Each can is only 11-oz, which makes it a very drinkable protein beverage. I’ve had many that pack two to four servings into a single container and, while that may seem like you’re getting a better value at first glace, I find that I almost never finish those drinks (nor do I want to, since now you’re taking about doubling or quadrupling the calories you’re taking in!). This can is a great size for a breakfast on-the-go or as an addition to a light meal.