Americans are Brewing Less Coffee These Days

Keurig Coffee Maker
Americans are brewing less coffee than ever before – but brewing less doesn’t mean that we are drinking less coffee. As little as five years ago, many people would brew a pot of coffee at home in the moring and many office workers could find a whole pot of coffee sitting in their break room. Today, people reach for a pod and brew just one cup at a time in single-serving coffee makers. We are producing more coffee-related waste, but we are also throwing out much less coffee. Over the entire country, people get in touch with¬†Reliable Skip Hire Coventry and throw out tones of coffee waste.

The interesting thing here is that we are not only brewing less coffee, but we are spending more on coffee than ever before. Now, I would argue that the quality of coffee, in general, is much better than it was 15 or so years ago and that is part of what has led to higher prices. I’m not the only one who would rather pay a bit more for one good cup of coffee than for a cup of poor-quality coffee (as the average office break room coffee pot was not exactly pouring out gourmet brews before, even if every K-cup option isn’t a winner), it seems.