Starbucks Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza K-Cups, reviewed

Starbucks Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza K-Cups

I always enjoy single origin coffees because they typically have a more distinct character than your average blend. Single origin beans tend to be more expensive than blends, so I usually only see them in whole bean form at stores, specialty coffee shops or Starbucks locations that have a Clover machine. I was surprised – and pleased – to see that Starbucks has released several Single Origin K-Cups, raising the bar on the type of coffee that you can enjoy using your Keurig.

Laguna de Ayarza is a crater lake in Guatamala that was formed as the result of a huge volcanic eruption roughly 20,000 years ago. The eruption is significant because it spread ash and rock for many miles, a layer that gradually transformed into rich volcanic soil that is excellent for growing coffee. Guatamala Laguna de Ayarza – from the single origin k-cup series – is a medium-bodied medium-roast coffee. It has a very mild aroma, with a hint of nuttiness to it. That nuttiness transitions to the taste of the coffee and builds quickly into a smooth, bright citrus flavor, which slowly fades into a bittersweet cocoa note as it finishes. The finish is surprisingly long for such a mellow coffee and you will be able to pick up those cocoa and citrus notes long after you swallow.

The single origin k-cups cost a few dollars more than your average k-cup, but they offer a more unique flavor for the discerning coffee drinker who is looking to improve his or her Keurig experience. After many less-than-delicious K-cup experiences, I’ll count myself into that group and will likely add this coffee and other single-origins into my regular rotation.