What’s Your Starbucks Name?

What's Your Starbucks Name?

When you go to Starbucks – or many other coffee shops, for that matter – the baristas typically ask if they can add a name to your drink order. While not everyone likes to give out their names when ordering a cup of coffee, this system exists so that the baristas making your drink can be sure to serve you the correct beverage. It comes in handy on days when the coffee shop is packed full of people and all those lattes start to look the same. The odds are good that your name has been misheard by a barista at least once or twice. Sometimes this leads to the baristas just calling out your drink order at the pick up window, but other times this leads to a funny re-naming on your drink cup. The site What’s My Starbucks Name generates a variety of incorrectly heard names that have been associated with your own name at Starbucks. In short, pop in your name to see what other people who share your name ended up with at Starbucks.

I’m Norm, by the way. And, yes, this drink is something that I would actually order.