Pocket Coffee Espresso, reviewed

Pocket Coffee, reviewed

When I’m on the go, I often have coffee with me. I leave my house with coffee and often make a stop (or two) while I’m out to pick up a new cup – especially if I have a busy day without a lot of downtime or if I’m planning to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. When I first spotted Pocket Coffee, a coffee-filled chocolate bon bon made with real coffee, I thought  my days of hitting the drive through might be over, as the candies combine caffeine and a snack (albeit a small one) one a single bite. 

This Pocket Coffee Espresso is the espresso version of Pocket Coffee, which also comes in a regular coffee flavor. The Espresso is filled with a liquid that is very similar to espresso that is heavily sweetened. It is thick and syrupy, with the distinct flavor of dark roasted coffee. The filling has a very thin crystailne sugar shell surrounding it, preventing it from accidentally leaking out through the chocolate. The chocolate itself is a creamy milk chocolate, which has just enough dairy sweetness to balance the bitter notes in the espresso center without being overly sweet. The chocolate shell is also fairly substantial, thick enough to provide a satisfying mouth full of chocolate when you pop one of these into your mouth.

Pocket Coffee, reviewed

For a coffee-lover, the Pocket Coffee Espresso is delicious and seems extremely well made. The small package contains a half dozen candies and each one came out looking as perfect as the next, the sturdy chocolates holding up to shipping and storage very well. They’re a bit sweet to replace my morning cup of coffee, but I have a feeling that these will serve me very well for a snack on the go during my next road trip!

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