KFC & Seattle’s Best Introduce Edible Coffee Cups

KFC & Seattle's Best Introduce Edible Coffee Cups

I love pairing cookies with coffee. Usually, cookies are served on the side of a mug filled with your favorite cup of java, but in the UK, you may soon be able to get your coffee served inside of a cookie instead of next to it. KFC has introduced an edible coffee cup, marking the launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee at its UK stores. The cup is made from a cookie and is wrapped with edible sugar paper on the outside, so you can see the logo and eat it. The interior of the cup is lined with a generous layer of white chocolate, which melts as it sits on contact with the coffee, but prevents the coffee from soaking into the cookie. Once you finish your coffee, you simply eat the cup and there is no waste – except, perhaps, a napkin to wipe your fingers.

The cups were developed by a group of food scientists from The Robin Collective, who designed them to taste great and function well. They even infused the white chocolate with a variety of different flavors and scents that will make your coffee-drinking experience even more stimulating for the senses.

The cups are supposed to hit KCF stores this summer, so keep an eye out for their release if you live in the UK. IF not, we can only hope that these cool cups are popular enough that they make their way over to the US one of these days!