Coffee Staples: How to Stock Your Pantry with the Basics

Starbucks Coffee Blogger Community

When I buy coffee, I primarily buy it with myself in mind, as I am going to be the one drinking it. That said, I always have a few coffee options on hand for friends and family so that they aren’t limited to my coffee preferences. The versatility of the Keurig comes in handy when making different types of coffee for different people, as you don’t need to spend the time to get multiple french presses going or brew up a much bigger pot of one type of coffee than people want. The individual K-cups also have a somewhat longer shelf life than ground coffee does, so they are easy to simply have on hand when you need them. My staples include blonde, medium and dark roasts, though I always gravitate towards the darker end of the spectrum myself.

Blonde (Light Roasts) – Those who prefer stronger coffee will have to brew this on the smallest setting for a stronger flavor, so blondes are best for those who simply prefer their coffee with a lighter touch.

Medium (Medium Roasts) – These all purpose coffees that can appeal to just about anyone. A little milk and sugar can tone them down for those who like their coffee light, as can brewing them on a larger setting to slightly dilue their strength. Those who prefer a richer coffee flavor can hit the smallest brew button on their Keurig for a more intense flavor, too.

Dark (Bold Roasts) – To tame a dark roast for a light coffee drinker, I brew them stronger so there is more room in the mug for milk, giving the drink a latte-like feel. In my house, Dark roasts tend to be favored by those who take their coffee black.

During the holidays, I tend to have decaf available for late-night entertaining. Since I find that I rarely get a call for it the rest of the year, I don’t pick it up unless I think I’ll need it for specific guests, as I don’t want it to go to waste when it sits around for a long time.

The coffees pictured above were provided to be by Starbucks to stock my own pantry, as I’ve been invited to join the Starbucks Coffee Blogger Community this year! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Starbucks, so this means that I’ll have just a bit more Starbucks-related content to share over the next several months. Keep your eyes out for it – and keep your cupboards well stocked with coffee staples in the meantime.