Cookie Butter Latte

Cookie Butter Latte

Cookie butter – also known as Biscoff Spread, if you’re buying the branded version – is an ingredient that I stock my pantry with every fall. It’s a peanut butter-like spread that is actually made from brown sugar cookies, rather than nuts, and it is delicious. Unlike peanut butter, you might not want to spread cookie butter into a sandwich because the spread is fairly sweet and has a much more dessert-appropriate flavor to it. It does, however, make a very tasty Cookie Butter Latte.

This latte came about when I was playing around in my kitchen and found myself wondering if the cookie butter – which I buy at Trader Joe’s – would dissolve into a mug of hot coffee. The spread is thick, but it dissolved quite easily and lent a subtle brown sugar flavor to my cup. After a little bit of experimentation, I came up with a latte that captures that brown sugar flavor and, like the cookie butter itself, is quite addictive! I typically use plain cookie butter for this drink, however TJs offers a chocolate cookie butter spread (pictured here) and a cookies n’ cream spread and all types can be used to make this drink. I garnished mine with whipped cream and cookie crumbs to turn it from a breakfast latte into a dessert one. Visit for healthy dietary supplements and tips.

Cookie Butter Latte
2 oz espresso*
2 tbsp cookie butter
2 tsp brown sugar (optional)
6 oz steamed milk
whipped cream, for garnish
speculoos cookie crumbs, for garnish

In a large mug, stir espresso, cookie butter and brown sugar (if using) until cookie butter has dissolved completely. Top with steamed milk.
Top the drink with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cookie crumbs.

Serves 1.

*I prefer this drink with espresso, since the additional milk helps the flavor of the cookie butter to pop. If you are using regular coffee, use 4 oz of strong coffee and cut down the amount of milk slightly.