Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser

Strong Brew Tea Infuser

Comic-Con just ended for this year, and I’ve been watching some of my friends on Facebook posting pictures of themselves, friends-of-friends and their favorite characters all weekend long. I couldn’t help but think of them when I first saw this Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser, because it definitely wouldn’t be out of place at an event like Comic-Con even though that isn’t exactly a tea-centric event. This nifty infuser is shaped like a broadsword and looks like it popped right out of a video game. The sword pops apart so that you can easily fill it with your favorite loose-leaf tea. The blade of the sword is hollow and contains many small holes that let water flow in and out easily as your tea steeps, while the hilt fits snugly into the blade to keep the tea in place. The whole gadget is made of food-grade silicone, so it is easy to handle and won’t get too hot to handle – even after a long steep in a mug of very hot water. You probably will want to buy at least two of these, not just one, since the temptation to engage in a little swordfighting (albeit on a small scale) is irresistible after you’ve used one. Just be sure that all of the hot water is drained out of the sword before you take your first swing!