Pot Coffee Promises Unique Pot of Coffee

"Legal" Pot Coffee

Washington recently became the latest state to legalize marijuana, and with that legalization, many new pot-centric businesses are springing up to take advantage of the new market. This includes dispensaries, edible pot products and even drinks, such as a new pot coffee drink From Mirth Provisions. The “Legal” drink is made with clod-brewed coffee that is infused with THC to give drinkers a combination of the effects of pot and caffeine at the same time.

The beverage is expected to hit the market in a few weeks, when retail sales of marijuana and pot products becomes legal, and since coffee is already a very popular state beverage, there is definitely a market out there for pot coffee. That said, the drink appears to be marketed as a morning beverage, promising that you will “take on the day with a smooth buzz”
similar to that of “a nice IPA or glass of wine.” Since (most) people don’t usually start their day with an IPA for breakfast, this coffee drink might try to have to find its footing as an afterwork beverage, or they might have to come out with a decaf version for Washington residents who want to take theirs as a nightcap.