A Coffee Cup Holder for Your Bicycle

Bicycle Cup Holder

You can easily carry your coffee cup in your hand when you’re walking down the street and cars have cupholders to hold your cups when you drive. Bicycles, however, are not ideal for holding coffee cups for you. If they are equipped with beverage holders of some kind, they’re usually designed for closed water bottles and mounted at an angle that is going to pour more of your coffee on the ground than it keeps in the cup. Fortunately, bicycle commuters can simply mount a shiny new Bicycle Coffee Cup Holder onto their handlebars and carry their coffee in style without spilling it all over the place. The holder is made of stainless steel and rubber hand has a tight clamp that keeps it in place while you ride. It’s ideal for paper cups and for paper cup-shaped ceramic/plastic cups, but it can fit tapered travel cup designs quite easily, as well. You will have to look out for bumps, at least until we start to see those new coffee lids designed to minimize splashing, but a few drops of coffee is a small price to pay compared to trying to bike on a busy street while carrying a cup in your hand.