What does your coffee say about your personality?

What's Your Coffee Personality?

Your coffee drink of choice definitely says something about your personality – and you probably even have made judgments about other people based on what they’re ordering in line at Starbucks or other coffee shops. Adding an extra half shot, soy milk, a particular temperature and one third of a Splenda in your latte? That person sounds high maintenance. Indulging in a gigantic frappuccino with extra caramel, extra fudge and whipped cream for breakfast? That person sounds like they know what he likes and isn’t afraid to go for it. Black coffee with two add shots? That person is serious about caffeine.

I Love Coffee put together a neat infographic that shows what your coffee drink of choice says about your personality. There is some room for error, of course (especially since not all the modifiers are accounted for!), but it’s probably more accurate than the horoscope that runs in your daily newspaper. Click through to read the full infographic and see if your coffee profile is accurate.

What's Your Coffee Personality Infographic