Gevalia Kaffe Mocha Latte, reviewed

Gevalia Kaffe Mocha Latte, reviewed

Keurigs can be used for making a variety of drinks, including coffee, hot chocolate and tea, but the machine is generally used for making the basics – black coffee, plain tea – and not for making fancier coffee drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos. This is because the machine doesn’t have the water pressure necessary to steam milk to a frothy consistency, though the water will get hot enough to dissolve the powdered milk found in some hot chocolate and mocha mixes. The Gevalia Kaffe Mocha Latte caught my eye because it promised to create a mocha with foam on top – and that made me curious enough to order a package to give it a try.

The mocha is made with a two step process, using a regular coffee K-cup and a Mocha Latte Froth packet. The packet, which is full of a dry mix,  is emptied into the mug and the coffee is brewed on top of it. As the coffee streams into the dry mix from the packet, the mix starts to foam up to create a frothy layer on top of the drink. You’ll need to give it a little stir to mix everything up before drinking it, and to coax out as much foam as possible.

Gevalia Kaffe Mocha Latte

The mocha tastes quite good. It reminds me a bit of instant hot chocolate, but not in a bad way. This isn’t surprising considering that the Froth packet is basically instant hot chocolate with a frothing agent added to it. It’s fairly sweet and the coffee flavor is subtle, but it hit the spot for a quick chocolate fix (especially if, like me, you still drink instant hot chocolate from time to time!). The Froth packet made quite a lot of froth, more than I was expecting, and it stayed pretty foamy while I finished the drink. It’s a great idea and pretty unique as k-cup products go, so it’s a great option for Keurig users who want the option to brew something a little extra special in the morning.

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