EcoCup is a Recyclable K-Cup

Eco Cup

One of the biggest complaints about K-cups is that they create a lot of waste. Coffee itself is compostable, and is actually great for enriching a garden, but the little plastic cup that makes the k-cup so useful when it comes to making a quick cup of coffee isn’t great for the environment. There has long been a call for someone to create a more eco-friendly k-cup and EcoCup is the first one to be widely released.

A Canadian company, Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee, has launched the EcoCup, a clear, recyclable pod that they hope will have appeal to consumers that less environmentally friendly pods don’t. They’re going to launch them in the next couple of weeks, filled with their Higgins & Burke tea, and will increase the tea brands that they use with the pods throughout the remainder of the year. Coffee pods are planned to launch next year. The cups and coffee are recyclable, but the lid and filter materials used in the EcoCups are not, but it is still a big improvement over the less eco-friendly alternative for consumers looking for convenience with a hint of green.