McDonalds To Serve Up Free Breakfast Coffee


McDonalds is probably the first fast food chain that comes to mind when you think about breakfast on-the-go because they’ve been serving up their McMuffins for so long. In the past few years, they’ve also really improved their coffee to offer a better quality brew for customers who need a cup of joe to get going in the morning. But they’re not the only fast food chain to offer coffee or breakfast options, and Taco Bell is the newest competitor to jump on the breakfast bandwagon. Taco Bell has had breakfast at some locations for a while now, but this week they rolled out a new breakfast menu to stores nationwide. In response, Mcdonald’s will be serving up their coffee free of charge!

Starting Monday, March 31th, customers can get a free small cup of coffee every morning for two weeks. Breakfast last until 10:30, so you should have plenty of time to swing by and pick one up on your way to the office.