Feb 11, 2014

Starbucks Valentine’s Day Gift Pack Giveaway! (closed)

Starbucks Valentine's Day Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that most of us associate with chocolate -and what goes better with chocolate than coffee. I know that I always enjoy having a mug of coffee or a creamy latte alongside a box of chocolate truffles. I’m happy to announce that I’m giving away a Valentine’s Day Gift Pack from Starbucks to one lucky reader! This gift pack includes one Valentine’s Day Mug, one Sweetheart 2014 CD and a box of each flavor of Starbucks newest blonde K-Cups flavors, Aria and Bright Sky, which is everything you need to start off a lazy weekend morning with your sweetheart.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and, in honor of Valentine’s Day, tell me what your favorite coffee and chocolate combination is. Do you like a classic mocha latte or do you prefer to add in other flavors, like orange or caramel? Do you keep it simple and pair your chocolate desserts with black coffee? It’s always a great combination and there is no wrong answer. This contest ends Saturday, February 14th at Midnight, so get your entries in before then and you could end up with a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat in the mail next week! Don’t forget to leave your e-mail in the contact form (this information will not be made public) because that is how I will contact the winner!

Update: This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for participating! A winner will be announced soon!


  • Thanks for the opportunity to win, Nicole!
    I love a classic mocha latte, but caramel or raspberry are wonderful additions.

  • My favorite coffee and chocolate combo is a caramel mocha latte.

  • Lattes and dark chocolate!

  • Soy latte. Dark chocolate. Perfection.

  • Mmm… Chocolate and coffee are the perfect combination. I like to make chocolate cake with some espresso in it. I also love Nutella mochas!

  • Mocha latte is my favorite morning pick me up.

  • Maybe there’s not always much chocolate in this, but tiramisu is my absolute favorite coffee dessert! Add some shaved chocolate on top, or in the layers, and it blows me away!

  • I love to make my sweetheart a Vanilla Latte with a nice slice chocolate scone!

  • Excellent promotion! I’m a coffee lover and am happy to have found your site.
    I have many coffee favorites, but for this I’d say a creamy Vanilla Latte along with one of the sweetest chocolates ever made–Sees scotchmallow chocolate, would be the best combination. As this is being written, a 1 lb. box of heart shaped are on their way to my wife (its the one with a layer of caramel, and a layer of marshmallow all dipped in dark chocolate!).

  • i love caramel flavored coffee! with any chocolate!!

  • I’ll take a peppermint mocha any time!

  • My favorite? Half chocolate, half coffee, with some Tia Maria and a little vanilla syrup. Oh, just the thing for a frigid afternoon warm up!

  • Definitely with some caramel!

  • I love Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream. There’s nothing better than delicious rich coffee ice cream with some fudge swirled into it. Add hot fudge sauce whipped cream and a cherry and I’m in heaven!

  • I love chocolate covered coffee beans!

  • A white chocolate mocha!

  • Such a wonderful give-away, Nicole (love your blog, btw!!)! My favourite coffee+chocolate pairing is really quick basic: black coffee, my mom’s home-made double-layered, double chocolate (chocolate chips in the batter) cake, with, of course, chocolate icing with shaved chocolate, along with some soft vanilla ice cream. Heaven…can’t beat mom’s baking!!

  • I love a soy latte with a chocolate treat!

  • I’m a soy peppermint mocha kind of gal! Out of season I enjoy a plain soy mocha though.

  • I like the mint chocolate chip mocha.
    Thank you!!

  • soy mocha!

  • I like a white mocha latte and another commenter reminded me of my favorite ice cream flavor – mocha almond fudge.

  • black coffee and dark chocolate

  • I like the skinny caramel latte, no whip, and soy milk. Delicious.

  • Starbucks dark roast coffee like Gold Coast along with a slice of a dessert from a local chocolate shop…..Chocolate Decadence.

  • I like regular coffee with creamer and sugar and a chocolate on chocolate doughnut.

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