Leftover Chocolate Truffle Mocha

Leftover Chocolate Truffle Mocha

There really is no such thing as a leftover chocolate truffle, because those indulgent chocolate treats are just too delicious to turn down. But there are times when you might find that you have more truffles than you can eat (in one sitting, anyway) on hand, such as after Valentine’s Day or after a big candy sale at your favorite store. Those excess chocolate truffles are the perfect base to use for a delicious Leftover Chocolate Truffle Mocha. The chocolate in the truffles easily melts with hot coffee, adding a lot of chocolate flavor and a little bit of sweetness to a decadent coffee drink that can be enjoyed with or without truffles on the side.

You can use either chocolate covered chocolate truffles or the cocoa-dusted variety to make this drink. The most important thing is that they should be high quality truffles – the kind have a velvety smooth melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more – because a great chocolate truffle is going to make for a great coffee drink. If you are using the chocolate covered truffles, you may need to give them a little extra time in the coffee so that they can melt completely before stirring them in. As always, adjust this recipe to your own tastes by using more truffles (for a thicker, “drinking chocolate” feel) or by adding a little extra sugar to sweeten it up if your truffles are an intense, dark chocolate to start out with. There is no wrong way to make it because it will always taste so right when you drink it.

Leftover Chocolate Truffle Mocha
3-4 dark or milk chocolate truffles, depending on size
4-oz hot coffee
4-oz hot or steamed milk

Place chocolate truffles in a large mug.  Top with hot coffee and stir gently until truffles are melted. Add additional chocolate truffles, to taste. Top with hot or steamed milk and serve.

Serves 1.