Coffee Bean Launches Latte Macchiatos

Coffee Bean Latte Macchiato

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a Southern California-based coffee shop that is a big regional competitor for Starbucks. They have a lot of similar drinks on the menu and everyone seems to have a favorite drink at each shop. But fans of Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato (and the Hazelnut Macchiato) have never been able to get that same type of drink at Coffee Bean. Coffee Bean stuck to their guns about what a traditional macchiato should be and offered up a caramel latte with a similar flavor profile to the Starbucks’ drink – but that wasn’t quite enough to win over Caramel Macchiato-fans. Finally, this year, Coffee Bean launched a line of Latte Macchiatos that are similar to the Starbucks’ drinks. They’re made with steamed milk, flavored syrups and have the espresso shots poured over the top to “mark” the foam and give the drinks a layered look. They’re available in caramel, vanilla bean and dark chocolate, and they’re sure to attract So Cal fans of Starbucks’ macchiato who want to give their new flavors a try.