Dark Chocolate Orange Mocha


I always seem to end up with a few of those chocolate oranges in my stocking at Christmas. You probably know the chocolates I’m talking about – they’re shaped like oranges and break into individual slices with a light rap on the counter. Orange and chocolate is a classic combination that never goes out of style. These chocolates are great for sharing, but I find that the orange can be a little overwhelming if you sit down to try and eat the whole orange alone. So, I am always looking for something that could use a little orange and a little chocolate so that none of those slices go to waste.

My Dark Chocolate Orange came from Trader Joe’s this time around. They only have a dark chocolate version, but I’ve seen both dark and milk from other brands before. The orange is about the size of a real orange and comes with 20 orange slices. One firm rap and those slices break apart easily. The Trader Joe’s orange is made with natural orange flavor and has a crisp dark chocolate flavor. It isn’t too sweet and you can really taste the orange.


I broke up the orange and added a few slices to some hot, strong coffee (espresso works just as well, if not better, if you have an espresso machine) to infuse it with orange and chocolate flavors. I found that 4-5 slices gave the drink a nice blend of flavor and sweetness, but you can always add in a few more to add richness. A little extra sugar will round out the dark chocolate, if you like your drink a little sweeter. I don’t mind breaking up an orange just to make one drink, but this is a great idea for holiday parties, too. Break up an orange and everyone can make their own orange mochas – adding one size or a half dozen – to finish off a holiday meal!


Dark Chocolate Orange Mocha
5-oz hot coffee
5 Dark Chocolate Orange slices
2-3 tsp sugar, to taste
5-oz hot or steamed milk

In a large mug, combine hot coffee and orange. Allow orange slices to melt for 1 minute, then stir until smooth. Add sugar, to taste. Top with hot or steamed milk.
Finish with whipped cream, if desired.

Serves 1.