Starbucks Launches Tweet-a-Coffee

Starbucks' Tweet a Coffee Program

Twitter is the way to let the world know exactly what you are doing in real time and exchange ideas (or comments on #trending topics) with whoever else is on Twitter with you at that moment. Starbucks wanted to make the Twitter experience a little more useful and has launched their new Tweet-a-Coffee program. This program allows you to instantly tweet a $5 Starbucks gift card to any of your Twitter friends/followers. Once your accounts are linked (since you need a credit card and a Starbucks account) you can simply “@tweetacoffee to @yourfriend” via a tweet! Obviously, this would be a GREAT way for bloggers to do some little giveaways on Twitter – but it’s also a nice way to send a little gift to friends and it doesn’t require you to run out to the store to pick up a physical card.

Obviously, however, this is limited to people who use Twitter and it is only available in the US right now. Will it turn out to be more fun than a “regular” egift card? Only time will tell…. but I might be able to squeeze in a giveaway soon to test it out in the mean time!

Update: I tried the Tweet a Coffee and it worked exactly as advertised. It was especially fun since Starbucks gave out a $5 gift card to the first 100K people to try it (and that mark probably hasn’t been hit yet), so I got a bonus gift for giving to a friend.