What your coffee order says about your personality

Cup of Kenya Coffee

Your coffee order says a lot about your personal preferences, but did you know that it also says something about your personality. A new clinical psychology study revealed surprising connections between what you like to drink and your personality. So what does your coffee order say about you? Pick your favorite cup off this list to find out:

Black coffee: simple and straightforward, but also quiet and set in their ways.

Latte: eager to please others, but more likely to be neurotic and not take great care of themselves.

Instant coffee: laid back, but more likely to be procrastinators as a result

Foamy drinks (cappuccinos, macchiatos) and decaf: detail oriented, bordering on obsessive and tend to be controlling

Sweet drinks (including frozen/blended): young at heart and “socially bold” trendsetters, but tend towards recklessness and acting like “overgrown kids”

These aren’t hard and fast rules, but if you look closely enough – much as with Astrological forecasts – you’ll probably be able find something that fits you on the menu!