Starbucks Reserve Hawaii 100% Ka’u, reviewed

Ka'u 2013

I was a fan of the Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka’u the first time I had it, and was glad to see it back on the menu boards at Starbucks this month. The coffee is from Ka’u, a very small coffee growing region bordering Kona that is renowned for it’s coffee even though it is much less famous than its neighbor. The coffee has some of the same characteristics of Kona coffee, but since the region is smaller, the flavors are even more distinct.

The coffee tastes like creamy not-too-sweet milk chocolate, toasted caramel and a hint of toasted coconut that was only there if I hunted for it. It is velvety, with a great mouthfeel, and has a pretty mellow acidity that gives it a smooth and lingering finish. If you are getting the idea that I like this coffee, you are absolutely correct. I was thrilled to see it back and am a big fan – a big enough fan to get this as often as possible when it’s available, even though it is one of the more expensive Reserve coffees. It is available in very limited quantities and tends to sell out quickly, so I, for one, will be getting it while I can.