Two people “pay it forward” to Tim Horton’s customers in Canada

Tim Hortons

A man at downtown Edmonton Tim Hortons made the day of 500 coffee-loving customers by pre-paying for 500 large cups of coffee when he stopped in for his morning cup of joe. It took the store from Monday morning through Tuesday morning to sell/give away that many large cups of coffee. The man’s bill came out to be just shy of $900 dollars and, although the store employees asked his name, he said preferred to remain anonymous. Needless to say, customers were surprised and happy – even though some were in disbelief about the “gift” until shown the man’s reciept!

Inspired by the first story, another man in Calgary went out to a local Tim Horton’s and did the same thing, buying $900 worth of large coffees to be given to the next 500 people who came into the coffee shop.

We’ll see if the trend continues – and if generosity is limited to Tim Horton’s fans or spreads to other coffee shop brands, either in or out of Canada.