Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher, reviewed


This week, Starbucks launched their newest Refresher drink, a Valencia Orange Refresher. I remember that years ago, Starbucks had a Valencia Orange syrup that was used in mocha drinks as a staple in their stores. When I first heard about the new Refresher, I wondered if it meant that the Valencia orange syrup would be making a comeback. It doesn’t. The Refresher is made with a orange juice and green coffee extract concentrate (much like the other Refreshers), so it isn’t ideal for making mochas. It is, however, a very refreshing addition to the Refreshers lineup.

The drink has a strong sweet-tart orange flavor that reminds me a little bit of Tang – but in a good way. It has a little more punch to it than the lime refresher and isn’t quite as sweet as the hibiscus, putting it right in the middle as a drink that is both sweet and refreshing. I can attest to the fact that it is a great drink to have after a workout and I am definitely a fan. You can’t combine this with mocha, but you can combine the Refreshers base with their iced teas and Valencia Orange goes very well with Passion and Green tea if you’re looking for a little variety.