Smuckers launches Life is Good coffee

Life is Good Coffee

Coffee always makes a day look a little bit sunnier, but a new line of coffee from JM Smuckers – makers of Folgers, Millstone, and Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffees – literally says “life is good” on the packaging. The new coffee is an extension of the popular Life is Good lifestyle brand, better known for their clothing products bearing their logo, and its first UTZ certified sustainable coffee. UTZ promotes more environmentally friendly farming methods, as well as improved working conditions for farmers and their families. Smuckers is one of the largest coffee buyers in the world and moving towards farmer-friendly coffee potentially could have a big impact for both small and large coffee growing operations.

The new Life is Good coffee line is being launched with five flavors: Light Hearted light roast; Happy Medium medium roast; Dark & Daring dark roast; S’more to Love s’mores-flavored coffee; and Banana Bread Bliss banana-bread-flavored coffee. 10% of the net proceeds from the sale of the coffees will go to the nonprofit Life is Good Kids Foundation.