Brewed Daily on with Tips for Upgrading Your Office Coffee

Office Coffee

Brewed Daily was featured on as part of a piece titled 9 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Coffee!. Offices are not known for having great coffee, and although the bar is higher than it was a decade ago, a coffee break usually involves a trip across the street to a local Starbucks or enduring some pretty rough brew. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can upgrade your office coffee without a lot of special ingredients. My favorite has got to be Nutella Coffee (with Nutella Whipped Cream, if you can swing it!), but I contributed some tips for easily infusing some spice into your coffee for the article.

One last tip: If you’re in charge of brewing the coffee in your office, you can add spices directly to your ground coffee before brewing and the coffee will have the aroma of those spices – cinnamon and nutmeg are great choices – when it is brewed.