Peet’s Anniversary Blend 2013, reviewed

Peet's Anniversary Blend 2013, reviewed

Peet’s is celebrating their 47th anniversary this year and, although they have been offering anniversary blends for many years now, it seems that they are getting more dramatic as the coffee house closes in on their 50th anniversary. The 2013 Anniversary Blend combines Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with beans from Colombia and Java.  Fans of floral and slightly citrusy Yirgacheffe wont’ be disappointed with this coffee, since that provides the base for this blend. It has a lot more body and fruitiness to it than Yirgacheffe alone (and, full disclosure, I tend not to be a big fan of Yirgacheffe), thanks to the two beans blended with it, and so the final blend has a rich, smooth and flavorful profile that  appealed to me much more than I anticipated.

This is definitely a bold coffee and works just as well when put through an espresso machine as it does in a french press. You could opt for a regular drip coffee maker, if that’s your preference but you’ll get a little extra body and mouthfeel from this blend if you opt to press it instead.