Latte art at a new level, from Kazuki Yamamoto

Cat Latte

Many baristas – both home baristas and pro baristas – have struggled to master the art of latte art, getting the perfect microfoam to allow you to create beautiful, rippling designs on the top of your lattes and cappuccinos. I know that I gave myself a huge pat on the back the first time I pulled off a perfect heart (and cried a little inside when I completely missed the mark on the next four or five after that one good one), but as happy as I am with my own progress, the bar for latte art is being raised every day. Kazuki Yamamoto is someone who is taking the bar far out of reach for most of us with some truly amazing and very creative coffee creations.

The milk foam kitty pictured above is my own personal favorite, but the collection of Peanuts characters gives you a little more insight into just how detailed his works can get. For more, check out his Twitter feed, which is updated regularly with all kinds of impressive art – including portraits in coffee of everyone from anime characters to world leaders.

Peanuts Gang Lattes