Brew Coffee with Bling: Cuisinart Crystal Limited Edition Coffeemaker

Crystal Coffee Maker

What features do you look for when you are shopping for a new coffee machine? Do you look for form, function – or both? If form is high on your list and you like a little sparkle in your kitchen, than the Cuisinart Crystal Limited Edition Coffeemaker might be just the right machine for you. The coffeemaker is studded with dozens of tiny, sparkling Swarovski crystals that give it a very unique, blingy look. It comes in black and white, and should look good in just about any kitchen.

All talk of bling aside, this coffeemaker isn’t just about the window-dressing (although that does up the pricetag a big). It actually won ShopSmart (a division of Consumer Reports) magazine’s pick for top coffee maker, thanks to some great features. The coffeemaker has a large carafe that can brew up to 14 cups at a time, but is adjustable enough that you can also use it to brew a single cup. It lets you choose regular or bold brew strength and has “an advanced heater design” that brews hotter coffee than its competitors. The machine also happens to be extremely easy to use, so you won’t be reaching for a manual every morning just to work it.

You’re still paying a premium for the crystals here, but you’ll probably get your money’s worth out of a blingy coffeemaker because it will be such a conversation starter. If you want to get the features without the sparkle, you can opt for a plainer version of this coffeemaker instead.