White Chocolate Truffle Latte

White Chocolate Truffle Latte

There are all kinds of mocha and dark chocolate drinks out there. They’re delicious – no doubt about it – but sometimes I think that white chocolate is slightly underrepresented. I like white chocolate and there are plenty of coffee drinks that you can make using it, as well, but you might have to look a little bit harder to find inspiration than you do with regular mocha recipes. In this case, I found inspiration in a box of chocolates.

The first time I made this drink, I had a bunch of white chocolate truffles in my kitchen and simply popped them into my coffee. The white chocolate added a really nice sweetness to the drink, and the truffles melted smoothly. It is a must-try if you already have white chocolate truffles around, but a very quick and easy chocolate ganache lets me make this drink over and over again even if I don’t have some in the house already.

You can make this with strong coffee, or you can make it with espresso. I think that espresso is the way to go, since you get a slightly more intense coffee flavor, but more milk that will pick up on the richness of the truffles. If you are going for the coffee option and using whole truffles, you might find that you want to add one extra to sweeten it up a bit.

White Chocolate Truffle Latte
1.5 oz white chocolate, chopped + 1 oz heavy cream
or 3 white chocolate truffles
2-oz hot espresso
6-oz milk
(or 4-oz milk and 4-oz strong coffee)

In a large mug, combine white chocolate and heavy cream. Microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring regularly, until the chocolate is completely melted in the cream. Top with hot espresso, stir well, and then add hot steamed milk to top it off.

If using ready-made truffles, simply place the truffles at the bottom of your mug and add your hot coffee/milk. Stir until truffles are completely dissolved.

Serves 1.