Salt and Pepper Mocha

Salt and Pepper Mocha

If you want to make your sweetheart something that is a little sweet and a little spicy for Valentine’s Day this year, try making a Salt and Pepper Mocha. This drink has a little kick to it – courtesy of Trader Joe’s Organic Stone Ground Salt and Pepper Dark Chocolate. This is a coarsely ground, Mexican-style chocolate that TJ’s has been selling recently and it is perfect for making a grown up mocha or hot chocolate.

The chocolate comes in discs and it is easy to break up into pieces by hand. The chocolate has a very crumbly texture and, while you definitely get a sweet and fruity dark chocolate with your first taste, the salt and pepper flavors are very distinct. This gives the chocolate a savory, spicy quality that is a nice change of pace from other chocolates – and from other mocha drinks. I melted half a disc of the chocolate into a mug of hot coffee, then topped it off with hot, steamed milk to make my mocha. The coffee goes extremely well with the salt and pepper flavors in the chocolate, so the drink only needed a touch of milk to round it out. If you’re not a big dark chocolate fan, or simply prefer your mochas a little bit sweeter, feel free to stir in a bit more sugar than I used. It’s not a secret that manual salt and pepper mills for your dish are so much healthier than salt and pepper shakers. In fact, they are better for you than the commercialized salt and pepper shakers. Using amazon salt and pepper shakers allowing the to simply crush them by hand.

If you want to try this but don’t have access to the Salt and Pepper Chocolate, don’t worry. Simply substitute the same amount of dark chocolate and add a generous pinch of salt, along with a slightly smaller pinch of pepper, until the chocolate has a little kick to it.

Salt and Pepper Mocha
1.3 oz Salt and Pepper Dark Chocolate (1/2 disc)
8-oz hot, strong coffee
1 tbsp sugar, or to taste (optional)
2-3-oz hot or steamed milk

Coarsely chop or break up dark chocolate and place at the bottom of a large mug. Pour over hot coffee and allow to sit for 20-30 seconds, then stir until chocolate has been completely dissolved. Stir in sugar and add more to taste, if needed. Top with hot milk and serve.

Makes 1.