Dangerous Grounds: Coffee gets its own show

Todd Carmichael from Dangerous Grounds

Coffee is a drink that most of us associate with getting up in the morning, but it is making its prime time debut with a coffee-centric show on the Travel Channel! Dangerous Grounds follows Todd Carmichael, an extreme coffee lover and co-founder of the artisanal coffee roasting company La Colombe Torrefaction, as he traverses the globe in search of some of the world’s best coffees.

Carmichael’s methods for coffee sourcing may seem extreme to some, but he is a serious explorer known for being the first American explorer to cross Antarctica to the South Pole alone, on foot and with no assistance. His unusual sourcing methods are also excuses for adventure that make for exciting TV. He definitely knows how to find coffee!

I still think that it is fairly implausible that one man (and a camera man) could plunge into the jungles of a hostile country (they’re pretty much always hostile) and just happen to randomly stumble upon the best coffee that country has to offer. Find coffee, yes, but to know that that one farm just happens to have the best is a little bit of a stretch for me. Still, it’s a TV show, even if this really is the way Carmichael goes about sourcing coffee at least some of the time, and I still enjoyed watching it. I’m willing to take a grain of salt along with my coffee because I’ll be back to watch the next episode. And hopefully you will check it out, too!

Dangerous Grounds is on the Travel Channel on Tuesdays at 9/8 central.