Coffee Tasting Notebook Set

Coffee Tasting Notebook

I like to keep a record of the coffees I’ve had – especially if they’re coffees that I’ve enjoyed. I keep these records both in a notebook and online (here at Brewed Daily!) in many cases. There are very few coffee-specific notebooks out there that make keeping coffee-tasting records easy, however. Coffee tasting is a lot like tasting wine. You want to know what region the beans are grown in, how they are cured and how long they are roasted. You look for specific flavor notes in the coffee, too. It’s nice to have a reference to keep track of all the points, and this Coffee Tasting Notebook Set happens to be a good tool to help you keep things organized.

The set includes a notebook and a pen that is colored with coffee grounds. The notebook, which is made of recycled paper, is includes spots for giving your most recent coffee tastings star ratings, identify flavor notes (thanks to a flavor wheel that will help you put words to some of the more elusive tastes), and the brewing method. Maybe the casual coffee drinker isn’t going to get the best use of this set… but a serious drinker will definitely put in the effort and make good use of it!