Jul 7, 2012

Trader Joe’s Well Rested Tea, reviewed

Well Rested Herbal Tea
There are many caffeine-free herbal teas out there, but just because they’re caffeine-free doesn’t mean that they make a relaxing cup of tea. Many are rich and fruity, better suited to a pick-me-up than something restful. Trader Joe’s Well Rested Tea is a herbal tea that promises to let you down after a busy day. The tea is definitely one of my favorites when I want something to unwind with. It is made with a blend of chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint and peppermint leaves, and it has a very smooth flavor. The mint helps you clear your mind (really!) without being too strong, and the lemongrass blends very well with it to give the tea a clean hint of citrus. Chamomile gave me a little hesitation because it isn’t one of my favorite flavors, but it makes a great base for the even stronger herbs that appear in this tea. It provides a mellow backdrop for the other, brighter flavors.

I like this tea both hot and iced, depending on the weather. In the winter, I’ll definitely stick with hot tea, but it makes a very refreshing iced tea (I prefer unsweetened) on a hot summer night.


  • I just wanted to say that I love ur blog. I’ll be picking this up to try as an ice tea. Danke.

  • my mom recommended by her friend. to drink this tea, it works for her, so I try.
    I’m skeptical at first but it a blessing, i’ve been drinking this tea ever since.

  • Love this tea, I will continue to buy it.

  • I recently discovered this tea. It’s absolutely amazing. I, too, was skeptical of the chamomile (because it isn’t my favorite as well), but this combination is smooth and very relaxing. The mint flavors are present but not overwhelming. Mmmm :)

  • I have extremly hard time sleeping i.tryd melatonin 10

    and everything I tryd this tea and have been sleeping ever since

  • Enjoying a cup now, it’s smooth and relaxing, very good!

  • [...] process for creativity – along with other things. It’s nothing a healthy helping of herbal tea from Trader Joe’s that my bestie got me and some drug-induced sleeping (thank you, NyQuil) can’t handle. [...]

  • Trader Joe’s just came to my area and I usually purchase Sleepy Time tea, I tried the Well Rested Tea and I love it! Within about 30 minutes after drinking it, I am off to a well rested night. I sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed. I highly recommend it!

  • I was disappointed that my neighborhood Trader Joe’s didn’t have the regular chamomile tea bags – yes, I am a fan of chamomile – so I tried this instead and I am hooked! What a great blend of flavors as well as a great night’s sleep. I’ll be buying more!

  • I used to take Benadryl or Tylenol to get to sleep. This tea works beautifully, giving me a full and satisfying rest, with no grogginess.

  • Found quite the opposite effect for me. This tea did nothing to relieve my sleep issues and nor did it allow me to sleep through the night. I’m rather frustrated that Trader Joe’s in my area does NOT carry Sleepy Time tea which I have found to do wonders to help with insomnia. There were a few nights after drinking this that I wondered if the claim of 0 caffeine was actually accurate.

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