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Feb 28, 2012

Tribute Blend Returns March 6!

Tribute Blend Sign

Fans of the Starbucks Tribute Blend – like myself – you’ll be happy to know that Tribute blend is coming back to Starbucks stores on March 6th. The coffee was originally released in honor of the chains’ 40th anniversary and was made up of a blend of coffees from all of their coffee-growing regions. It was a huge hit – especially with fans of darker roast coffees, who loved the character of this blend.

Feb 20, 2012

Coffee Pods save time, add up in price


I have a Keurig, and while the pod coffees that it offers don’t compare to what I can make with my french press, if you get the right k-cups it can brew up a good cup of coffee in less time than it takes to even prep my french press. The convenience is well worth it because there are plenty of times when I just need coffee and don’t have much time to wait around to brew a whole drip pot or a french press.

But do you know how much that convenience really costs?

Spending $.25 – $.50 per pod doesn’t sound too bad when you’re out at the grocery store stocking up. It’s cheaper than running out to Starbucks or even to McDonalds for a cup of coffee. But when you compare the price to that of whole bean or ground coffee, the difference is staggering. Nespresso pods can make coffee cost upwards of $50 per pound, and the same is true of many K-cup varieties. You could drink only pure Kona coffee or even Jamaica Blue Mountain for that same price if you’re buying whole beans. That is because these pods typically pack in only 5-10 grams of coffee.

Is it still worth if for the convenience? Only you can decide that, but it definitely makes me tempted to stick with my do-it-yourself Keurig insert and buy some of that Kona coffee to use in it!

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